print this page and give as well as cash or money order in the sum of $50 to your first date. Please inform booking manager that you wil be doing so. 




 City of Residence:_______________________________

 Cell Phone Number (the number you use to call the agency):


(let us know if you change your cell number)

 Email Address:_________________________________

Information on the website intended for members only is password protected.

We will email your password within 7-10 days after receiving your appplication.

 Membership Name Requested_______________________

This will be your screen name.  Give us a first name followed

By 4 digits that you will remember (such as JOHN3568).  When

Calling for a date, be sure to identify yourself as a FF or MH

Member giving us your membership name.  In order to assure

That FF members are given credit for bookings, we may have your escort check your photo ID when she arrives.

 Today’s Date:_________________________________________


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